The history began in 1898, when the merchant Egor Gordeev's money were spent to build a residential building in the center of the capital. It was built on Lyalin Lane, on the first floor of which the first restaurant with the same name was located. Delicious pastries could be tried and rich interiors could be seen there. In the Soviet times, the commercial enterprise was closed. It was replaced by an unremarkable warehouse.

After more than 100 years "Buloshnaya" opened again...

While creating the first "Buloshnaya" restaurant on Lyalin Lane, 7, we managed to preserve traces of the former interior. High ceilings with stucco molding on them, covered with chocolate brown oil paint, hand-carved iron railing, large crystal chandeliers, art elements which were found during excavations and restoration.

A special place in the restaurant is occupied by a unique antique piano. It was manufactured in Germany in 1818 on a special order. This rare exhibit was handed down from one generation to another, and now it is in property of the restaurant. On Thursdays, live music is played here.

There is another unusual symbol of the restaurant, which is the historical pre-revolutionary hatch of the Swedish-Danish-Russian telephone society of 1901 ("Lenin at the Apparatus" used exactly this firm phone after the revolution).

We cannot help but mention the conceptual detail of the interior. A confectionery showcase, which greets the guests at the entrance to the restaurant with its bright confectionery!

A fascinating story of the "Buloshnaya" restaurant is now being continued by the second restaurant, which is situated on Zhitnaya street, 10.

There we can see a rare photo gallery "The Moscow which does not exist...", historical hand-carved inserts, which were used for floor paving. Here you can plunge into the culture of Moscow and and classical traditions.

There is a lot of warm light in the spacious interiors with furniture containing the elements of the 19th century.

A bright detail of the interiors is a luxurious grand white piano.

"Buloshnaya" on Zhitnaya street is located in the very heart of the capital, near historical places and the Kremlin.

The unique combination of architectural color and breathtaking panoramic view over the Garden ring makes this restaurant one of the most beautiful restaurants in Moscow which provide a sightseeing.

The restaurant regularly hosts an entertainment program consisting of poetic evenings, live music, gastronomic festivals, and different activities for the whole family.

The "Buloshnaya" restaurants are isles of the nice old cultural Moscow. Such a place must be an artifact and it could only been created by inspired people…

There you can hide from the always-running contemporary Moscow - behind the high backs of soft sofas or taking a place by the window and watching life in the corner of the old Moscow.
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